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Kaohsiung Int'l Food Show-Product list


Product list

  • seasoned pig feet

    Description:good taste

  • Scallop cuttlefish surimi

    Description:good taste

  • Cuttlefish shrimp ball

    Description:good taste

  • Cooked squid stuffed with roe

    Description:good taste

  • Basil pancake

    Description:Adhere to the manufacture of products with the freshest and healthiest raw materials, the production process is strictly monitored, and the low-temperature rapid freezing is used to seal the most original fresh basil aroma in the pancake. The pan or the air fryer can be operated. After heating and cooking, the rich aroma is head-on, The perfect combination with the crispy crust makes it an aftertaste.

  • Korea red ginseng Tonic(HonSamBi

    Description:Detailed Description: Red Ginseng Drink (Hongsam B) Natural liquid mixed with red ginseng extract, deer antlers, pear juice and act. Unlike other red ginseng products, natural pear extract is used instead of water to enhance the taste and function of natural pear. Unlike other ordinary red ginseng drink, our product does not contain any water and instead, used natural pear juice for better taste and health. It currently holds patent. (Patent no. 440224) Features Use of 100% 6 year-old Korean red ginseng Health functional food product, which is good for restoration of vigor, strengthen immunity and help to blood circulation via restraint to coherence of blood platelet. Manufactured in the clean and sanitized facility, with the certification of GMP by K-FDA, and ISO and HACCP by Tuv InterCert. Specification 750ml Health Food and/or Drink

  • Korea Red ginseng Honeyed Sliced

    Description: Detailed Description: HONEY SLICED KOREAN RED GINSENG is made of 6years old Korean red ginseng, This product is made of sliced Korean red ginseng that underwent a steaming process and then dried properly after soaking into honey. Hence, you can enjoy the proper taste and smell of red ginseng along with sweet, soft tastes and chewy feeling. you can have it anytime, anywhere conveniently. Award: Received the Minister Award by Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry from BEST5 Contest for Korean Traditional Food in 2002 and awarded winner for ginseng category in the same contest in 2004. Ingredients: 6years Korean Red Ginseng, Honey Package: 20g※5/ea, 20g※10/ea


    Description:The ice cold Norwegian Sea is a unique growth environment, and mackerels captured there have high nutritional value, succulent meat, rich oil content and a delicate taste. maintaining the delicate taste is ensured through direct shipment, delivering a premium product that is ideal for fish lovers.

  • Salted Saury

    Description:With the silvery color and the bright blue blotches, it has won the name of “King of Autumnal Food” in Japan. Pacific saury is the most delicious in the fall. How willing are you to share this delicacy with others? Amidst the fall breeze, this aromatic, tasty Pacific saury makes the perfect sake companion.


    Description:鮮釀活啤酒 Life Beer 金黃色,清澈通透,泡沫綿密,口感清爽甘甜 喝得到天然麥芽,和草本植物的香氣,搭配海鮮的好選擇!!